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PZFlex Table File Writer

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Creates .FLXTBL files from TIFF images - imports into PZFlex as a model



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The code reads in a TIFF image, allowing you to select specific regions of the image to assign as a predefined material.

The image is interpolated according to the user's inputs (XMax, YMax & BoxSize). A 'colour map' is then generated which associates quantisation values to the defined materials. The image is finally quantised to the closest material values which is output into a FLXTBL file to be read into PZFlex using the SITE-TABL command.

The output file is written to file in a specific format to be compatible with the SITE-TABL command in FlexLab.

Known Issues: Works only with 8 bit TIFF images.

**NOTE: Requires another MATLAB script to function: 'quantise_image.m'

Tested with PZFlex Build: 3.0-2012-02-10-1 Windows 64-bit

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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