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Flex Input File - Read in FLXTBL files to generate 2D models

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Method of importing TIFF images into PZFlex to generate a 2D model



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The flex input file generates a basic 2D grid and will read in the data from the FLXTBL file to generate the 2D model with the various predefined materials.

To ensure that the full TIFF image appears as a model in FlexLab, make sure that variables match up in the MATLAB file (XMax, YMax and BoxSize).

Within the parameters of the SITE-TABL command, the FILENAME input should be altered to your desired .FLXTBL filename. Running the flex file will plot out the TIFF image as a typical 2D model built up of your defined materials from the 'write_flex_material_table.m' file.

**NOTE: To be used in conjunction with 'write_flex_material_table.m'

Tested with PZFlex build: 3.0-2012-02-10-1 Windows 64 bit

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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