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EPS Utility Toolbox


Kesh Ikuma (view profile)


02 Mar 2012 (Updated )

A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images

function epsfixfonts(infile,outfile,embedsymbol)
%EPSFIXFONTS   Fixes font issues on Matlab EPS figure outputs
%   EPSFIXFONTS(EPSFILE) analyzes the MATLAB-generated EPS file specified
%   by the string EPSFILE and fixes the font-related issues in the file.
%   The main fix is to embed missing AMS LaTeX fonts. Some versions of
%   Matlab are not equipped with the full library of the AMS LaTeX math
%   fonts (namely, they are missing Computer Modern san serif fonts,
%   mwa_cmss10, mwa_cmssbx10, and mwa_cmssi10). Consequently, these fonts
%   are not properly embedded in the EPS file, resulting in incorrectly
%   rendered equations in EPS. EPSFIXFONTS properly embeds these missing
%   fonts (only if used) to EPSFILE.
%   EPSFIXFONTS(EPSFILE,OUTFILE) saves the modified EPS data to a file
%   specified by the string OUTFILE.
%   EPSFIXFONTS(...,EMBEDSYMBOL) in addition embeds a public-domain font
%   (StandardSymL) for Symbol font, which is used for all TeX expressions
%   used in the Matlab figures.
%   The exact items changed in the EPS file are as follows:
%   1. Re-embed all AMS LaTeX fonts and (if requested) Symbol font. Only
%      the necessary subset of each font will be embedded.
%   2. '%%DocumentNeededFonts' header entry is replaced with the pair of
%      '%%DocumentNeededResources' and '%%DocumentSuppliedResources'. The
%      replaced entries completely lists all the fonts used.
%   3. All '%%BeginDocument' - '%%EndDocument' pairs are replaced with
%      '%%BeginResource' - '%%EndResource' pairs
%   4. All embedded font definitions (each begins with '%%BeginResource'
%      and ends with '%%EndResource') are moved to the Prolog block.
%   For the details of EPS file format and specification, consult the PDF
%   documents on the following link:

% Copyright 2012 Takeshi Ikuma
% History:
% rev. - : (03-02-2012) original release
% rev. 1 : (03-18-2012) - rewritten to modularize
%                       - calls private functions: getfonts
%                       - fixes inconsistent font name cases in DSC comments
% rev. 2 : (05-03-2012) - fixed bug in determining missing embedded font
%                       - updated help text
%                       - program structure change (all existing embedded 
%                         font data are removed then re-embedded by calling 
%                         epsembedfont)
% rev. 3 : (04-25-2013) - fixed bug of not updating the DSC Headers if no
%                         font is embedded
%                       - moved DSC header formation out to getrscstr.m

if nargin<2
   outfile = '';
if nargin<3
   if ~ischar(outfile)
      embedsymbol = outfile;
      outfile = '';
      embedsymbol = [];

% Check input file
if ~ischar(infile) || size(infile,1)>1 || size(infile,2)==0
   error('EPSFILE must be a row vector of characters.');
[~,~,e] = fileparts(infile);
if isempty(e), infile = [infile '.eps']; end % auto-append '.eps' extension

if isempty(outfile)
   outfile = infile;
elseif ~ischar(outfile) || size(outfile,1)>1 || size(outfile,2)==0
   error('OUTFILE must be a row vector of characters.');
   [~,~,e] = fileparts(outfile);
   if isempty(e), outfile = [outfile '.eps']; end % auto-append '.eps' extension

if isempty(embedsymbol)
   embedsymbol = false;
elseif ~islogical(embedsymbol) || numel(embedsymbol)~=1
   error('EMBEDSYMBOL must be a logical scalar value (true/false).');


% Analyze the figure EPS file first
   [imgdata,wmfdata,tifdata] = getdata(infile);
catch ME

% if DocumentNeededFonts DSC tag is gone, fix has already been applied
if isempty(regexp(imgdata,'%%DocumentNeededFonts','once'))

% get all fonts
AllFonts = getfonts(imgdata);

% Find all embedded font data
if isempty(Istart) % figure has no text
   EmbeddedFonts = {};
   % make regexp output easier to access
   N = numel(fn);
   EmbeddedFontData = reshape([fn{:}],2,N);
   % get actual font name from font data
   fn = regexp(EmbeddedFontData(2,:),'/FontName\s+/(\S+)\s','tokens','once');
   EmbeddedFonts = cell(1,N);
   I = cellfun(@isempty,fn);
   EmbeddedFonts(I) = EmbeddedFontData(1,I); % if data missing, use the DSC name
   EmbeddedFonts(~I) = [fn{:}];

   % remove the existing font data
   for n = N:-1:1
      imgdata(Istart(n):Iend(n)) = [];

% make sure no duplicated font definitions (CMMI10 duped in R2010B)
EmbeddedFonts = unique(EmbeddedFonts);

% Prepare EPSEMBEDFONT arguments to add these missing fonts
EmbedFontOptions = strcat('+',EmbeddedFonts);

% Replace '%%DocumentNeededFonts' header line with more complete, DSCv3
% compliant '%%DocumentNeededResources' & '%%DocumentSuppliedResources:'
NeededFonts = setdiff(AllFonts,EmbeddedFonts);
rscstr = getrscstr(EmbeddedFonts,NeededFonts);
imgdata = regexprep(imgdata,'%%DocumentNeededFonts:.+?(?>[\r\n]{1,2})(?!%%\+)',rscstr,'once');

% Output modified EPS data to the file
catch ME

% Embed necessary fonts

% Also embed Symbol font (by replacing it with StandardSymL font)
if embedsymbol && any(strcmp('Symbol',AllFonts))
   Symbol = {'+Symbol'};
elseif isempty(EmbeddedFonts)
   return; % no fonts to be embedded
   Symbol = {};

% Reaches here if at least 1 font to be embedded
catch ME

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