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02 Mar 2012 (Updated )

A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images

function defaultfontconfig()
%DEFAULTFONTCONFIG   Configure font configurations.
%   DEFAULTFONTCONFIG sets up the Type 1 font search path and font
%   aliases by searching two locations:
%      %MATLABPATH%/sys
%      %EPSUTILPATH%/fonts
%   These locations are searched recursively for PFB files and Fontmap
%   file. Any directory that contains a valid PFB file is included to the
%   font search path, and all font aliases with known fonts defined in
%   Fontmap file are logged for the use by EPS Utility Toolbox.
%   NOTE: In R2010b (and possibly other releases), three fonts are
%   noticeably missing: mwa_cmss10.pfb, mwa_cmssbx10.pfb, and
%   mwa_cmssi10.pfb. They are the Computer Modern san serif fonts to render
%   LaTeX texts. If DEFAULTFONTCONFIG detects these fonts are missing,
%   it automatically sets up alias for these fonts so that AMS CM fonts
%   will be used (if available). User will be prompted to download the AMS
%   fonts and place them in %EPSUTILPATH%/fonts directory.

% Copyright 2012 Takeshi Ikuma
% History:
% rev. - : (03-19-2012) original release

% get font subfolder (under main upsutil folder)
fontdir = [fileparts(fileparts(which(mfilename))) filesep 'fonts'];
if ~isdir(fontdir)

% traverse MATLAB sys directory and gather all fonts and font maps
dirs = {fontdir [matlabroot filesep 'sys']};

fp = {}; % font path
while ~isempty(dirs)
   currd = dirs{1}; % current directory
   dirs(1) = []; % remove current directory from the list
   % get directory listing of current directory
   d = dir(currd);
   d(1:2) = []; % remove . and ..
   % append subdirectories to dirs
   Idir = [d.isdir];
   %dirs(end+(1:sum(Idir))) = strcat(currd,filesep,{d(Idir).name});
   N = sum(Idir);
   dirs(N+(1:numel(dirs))) = dirs;
   dirs(1:N) = strcat(currd,filesep,{d(Idir).name});

   % get names of the files in the current directory
   f = {d(~Idir).name};
   % check for '*.pfb' and 'Fontmap' files
   ispfb = ~cellfun(@isempty,regexp(f,'.pfb$'));
   if any(ispfb)
      fp{end+1} = currd; %#ok

% force fontdir to be in the path
if isempty(find(strcmp(fontdir,fp),1))
   fp(2:end+1) = fp;
   fp{1} = fontdir;

% Save the findings to EPSUTIL Preference

% Look in all directories in the search path for fontmap file
setpref('epsutil','FontAlias',cell(2,0)); % initialize font alias table
warning off epsutil:InvalidAlias
for n = 1:numel(fp)
   files = dir(fp{n});
   I = find(arrayfun(@(f)~f.isdir&&strcmpi(,'fontmap'),files));
   % if fontmap exists, read in the info
   for m = 1:numel(I)
      [~] = epsfontalias([fp{n} filesep files(I(m)).name]);
warning on epsutil:InvalidAlias

% Missing fonts in MATLAB R2011B (R2011A, too?)
I = cellfun(@isempty,findfont({'/mwa_cmb10','/mwa_cmss10'},false));
if ~I(1)||I(2)

   % If AMS fonts are not installed, warn user
   I = cellfun(@isempty,findfont({'/CMSS10','/CMSSBX10','/CMSSI10'},false));
   if any(I)
      % warn user for what to do
      msg = sprintf('%s %s\n\n   %s\n\n%s\n\n   %s',...
         'Installed MATLAB release is missing san serif Computer Modern fonts (CMSS10, CMSSBX10, and CMSSI10).',...
         'Download AMSFont Collection from',...
         'and place cmss10.pfb, cmssbx10.pfb, and cmssi10.pfb included in in',...
      uiwait(msgbox(msg,'EPS Utility Toolbox Setup','modal'));
      % Add extra alias

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