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Generate a vector of Cartesian integer coordinates for a 1, 2, or 3D region.

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ENUM_COORDS generates a listing of the coordinates for a specified Cartesian space.



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A = ENUM_COORDS(X) returns the matrix elements of a 2D region, where X contains a 4-element vector, X=[x y width height], representing the bounding box containing the set of 2D coordinates.

A = ENUM_COORDS(X,Y) returns the matrix elements of a 3D region, where both X and Y are 4-element vectors representing two bounding boxes,
X =[x y width height] and Y =[x z width depth] which overlap to specify a 3D region.

With scalar inputs:
A = ENUM_COORDS(N,M,P) returns a matrix of size [m*n*p,3] containing the integer coordinate values for the matrix elements of the 3D region.

A = ENUM_COORDS(N,M) returns a matrix of size [m*n,2] containing integer coordinate values for all matrix elements of the 2D region.

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