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Particle filter tutorial

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Particle filter tutorial



05 Mar 2012 (Updated )

Implementation of the generic particle filter

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File Information

This file implements the particle filter described in

Arulampalam et. al. (2002). A tutorial on particle filters for online nonlinear/non-gaussian bayesian tracking. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. 50 (2). p 174--188

Heavily commented code included

Required Products Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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Comments and Ratings (12)
10 Feb 2017 mau

mau (view profile)

Hello, is there anybody found a solution to the problem of having more than one observation?

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17 Jan 2017 Simon Mpasi

I want to verify that this is good code.

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23 Oct 2016 Ilias Konsoulas

07 Jun 2016 manh 123

Particle filter is explained through example of color tracking in here:

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13 Apr 2016 Michael

Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

11 Apr 2016 pangpang jz


07 Oct 2013 Nima

Nima (view profile)

03 Oct 2013 droulias Roulias

add regularized PF

case 'regularized_pf'

edges = min([0 cumsum(wk)'],1); % protect against accumulated round-off
edges(end) = 1; % get the upper edge exact
u1 = rand/Ns;

[~, idx] = histc(u1:1/Ns:1, edges);
xk = xk(:,idx); % extract new particles
wk = repmat(1/Ns, 1, Ns); % now all particles have the same weight

%according to Mussao et al., 2001
% compute empirical covariance of particles
% form D'*D=emp_cov

%unit sphere volume (in two dimensions)
%form the optimal choice of bandwidth
% form an estimation of continuous pdf via epanechnikov kernel
[f,~] = ksdensity(wk,'npoints',length(wk),'kernel','epanechnikov');
% compute the cumulative of the continuous distribution
edges = min([0 cumsum(f)],1); % protect against accumulated round-off
edges(end) = 1; % get the upper edge exact
%sample from the inverse of cumulative of continuous density
u1 = rand/Ns;
[~, idx] = histc(u1:1/Ns:1, edges);
%move all samples to centre
% adjust resampled particles
xk = xk+hopt*dd*ee; % extract new particles
wk = repmat(1/Ns, 1, Ns);

16 Sep 2013 soheil

soheil (view profile)

Dear Dr. Alvarez,
I am using your Particle Filter code and that is great. Right now, I am changing that to solve my problem. The problem has observation likelihood with more than two dimensions. I was wondering how I can model observation likelihood "p_yk_given_xk". Any idea for that will be really appreciated.



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22 Jul 2013 Jesús Lucio

Thanks a lot.

20 Jun 2013 SaiNave

not helpful it is so complexed :(

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03 Nov 2012 eddieyang Yang


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14 Aug 2012 1.1

Changed title

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