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Electrocorticograph​y / intracranial EEG visualizer

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This is a tool for plotting iEEG/ECog data on a brain.



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Given a 3D brain surface, and electrode coordinates, it can display the electrodes on the surface, and adjust size, color, and borders to reflect underlying data.

It's designed to work with FieldTrip stats info, but can be adjusted for others.

Supplied brain surface files are copyrighted by The General Hospital Corporation, Boston MA, USA, and are governed by the FreeSurfer Software License Agreement, which is compatible with the the BSD license.

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KJF (view profile)

I'll look into it! Thanks for the quick reply.

KJF, despite the 2012 date, this was originally written 5 years ago, and I haven't used it since then (I'm not even in academia anymore). I'm afraid I don't remember many details of the internals at this point.

I suspect the required functions are from the FreeSurfer version of that time. I have no idea if current versions of Freesurfer are compatible.

Sorry I can't help more. Best of luck.


KJF (view profile)

Thorough package. However, it's somewhat crippled by the missing read_surf() function. Is that supposed to be included, or where can I find it?

I'm specifically interested in plotting the pial-outer-smoothed surface. It's proving to be problematic in ways that the normal pial surface is not. I'd appreciate your help by taking a look in read_surf! Thanks.


Jose (view profile)



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