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Perspective Control/ Correction

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The objective is to give a simple demonstration on perspective control using 4 corners of a plane.

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Illustrates Perspective Control

main executing reference usage:
1. usage_assistedMode.m
Assisted mode from the user to select the 4 corners*.
* Clockwise or anti-clockwise selection only.
2. usage_autoOnClearImage.m
Given a clear image (with clear background), 4 corners are auto detected.

- For reference only.

The author appreciates suggestions and errata. Please do not hesitate to send suggestions and feedback for improvement to the email provided.


Thank you.

Michael Chan JT

Comments and Ratings (7)

Kyler Fisher

Perfect! Thanks a ton.

Hanen Jabnoun

Excelente! simple y poderoso. Me ha permitido demostrar fácilmente los cambios de perspectiva de las escenas en mis cursos de procesado de imágenes.

Jatin Patel



Matthias (view profile)

Hallo Michael,

I have to make a perspective correction of a round shaped object. It that also possible with your script or is does anything similar exist?

Or another question: Is it possible to create the A-matrix needed for the correction from the rotation and translation matrix I get from the cameracalibrator app?

Kind regards

Jing-Sheng Li

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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