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The Krouchev Journal-Figure Advanced MATLAB Toolkit

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Toward an advanced Toolkit for Journal-Figure preparation using MATLAB



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Provides (for now) 2 utilities that address user needs (see comments to the acknowledged submissions

% lafig3: Combines existing (sub)figures into a new figure.
% zbkfig1: Scales down or up a whole figure to better fit the page of the (save as) .pdf

See the demo3 & utilities help, as well as browse boldly inside their MATLAB code


Although the code is made as user-friendly & as much annotated as is reasonable,
it is meant for peer MATLAB users i.e. for a somewhat advanced community, that would use the code toward, say, journal-article or internal-report preparation.

Whoever finds this insufficient is kindly invited to proceed better in his/her own doing.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

Inspired by: tilefigs.m, SUBFIGURE, subfigure, figure inset

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