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Software for Processing MS Excel Data version 1

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The software averages any data on MS Excel file into hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis

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The software averages excel data on hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis based on the user's choice. Certain other forms/styles of averaging are possible as the user will see on the GUI.

There are 4 files in the program zipped to a single zip file, the user should download the zip file and unzip the 4 files it contains into the SAME directory. The four files are named: pro2.fig, pro2.m, professional.fig, and professional.m.

The main program to run is the 'professional.m' file. A GUI shows up that allows the user to select an input file, specify an output file name, and to set other actions they want to perform.

Pls Ignore the 2nd and 3rd radio bottons on the GUI, they are not yet functional in this version of the code.


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