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A MATLAB software that shows the position and relative brightness of stars in the sky



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The software provides the sky map (position and relative brightness of stars in the sky) for any given location of observation on Earth, and time as the User may indicate on the GUI.
The program is a zip file containing 5 files namely sao6.txt, saoALL.txt, saoNAN.txt, SkyMap.fig, and SkyMap.m.

The main program to run is the SkyMap.m, a GUI will show up for the user to enter his/her observation location and time. An Excellent and Easy to use GUI!


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John Porter

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for this code. I downloaded the function and changed a few lines to let me calculate the azimuth and elevation angles for different stars. I compared the results with C2A program and got good agreement (to 0.01 deg). Do you have any idea how accurate the star angles are supposed to be? Thanks again

Daniel Okoh

Daniel Okoh (view profile)

Hello Cody and Iftikhar, a function equivalent of SKY MAP is now available. You can now use this function as part of your program. How to do this is explained on the SKY MAP (function) website:

Let me know if you have any problems.


Hi Daniel, I can also use the information Cody asked for. I also have an application in hand that requires generation of sky map for a given time and position.


Cody (view profile)

Daniel, thanks for your response. I would be interested in embedding SkyMap in my overall application and was hoping to use the application for the generation of some figures I'm presenting at the annual Union of Radio Scientists meeting here in Boulder, CO next week. I realize your schedule may not permit this, but I'd be very interested in working with you to add this capability in the future!

Daniel Okoh

Daniel Okoh (view profile)

hi Cody, at the moment SkyMap is written with it's own GUI, and you will not be able to embed it directly into your program without some modifications. I could however assist you get it in that format if you don't need it so urgently as I'm currently busy with another work. Let me know if it won't be late in 2 or 3 weeks.


Cody (view profile)

Is there a way to run skyMap without using the GUI? I'd like to embed skyMap in a larger program, and generate the map by passing the observer time and location as input parameters. Thanks, -Cody

Daniel Okoh

Daniel Okoh (view profile)

hi Gene, it's possible you don't have the Mapping Toolbox on your Matlab. 'linecirc' is a Matlab function on the Mapping Toolbox.

The Mapping Toolbox is likely missing on your Matlab installation.


Gene (view profile)

Lines 442 through 451 call linecirc function, and linecirc is not found in the code. I do not find it in the Matlab help or function list either.

Is this a separate file or something missing?

Daniel Okoh

Daniel Okoh (view profile)

Thanks christie, it has been done.

need to add mention that mapping toolbox is required (linecirc)



The title of the submission was changed from 'SKY MAP' to 'SKY MAP (GUI)' since there is a new submission named 'SKY MAP (function)' which is the function equivalent of the SKY MAP.


Added products/toolboxes required

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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