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Astronomy Software for Computing Azimuth, Elevation, Julian Date, GMST, and LMST.

version 1.0 (13.4 KB) by

The software converts RA and DEC to Azimuth and Elevation, plus lots of other things



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The software requests for a user's observation location, local time, and the Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (DEC) of a source, and then returns the Julian Date, Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time (GMST), Local Mean Sidereal Time (LMST), Azimuth and Elevation of the source.

Users should download the zip file, and unzip its contents to the SAME directory; the zip file contains 2 files (named AstroTool.fig and AstroTool.m)

The main program to run is the AstroTool.m.


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Nice work, Dan

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