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Explore Experimental Data

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Explore Experimental Data



17 Mar 2012 (Updated )

The tool makes some of MATLAB's plotting and analysing functions available by a GUI

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MATLAB offers a huge variety of plotting and visualizing tools. This
toolbox tries to make some of these function available by a graphical
user interface (GUI). It is capable of creating 2D plots in linear and
logarithmic scaling. The core functions are realized by a class that can
hold arbitrary data from a numerical or real world experiment in a
generic way. Once a class object is defined, the GUI offers the following
- Selecting experiments based on name, parameter values and combinations
  of those
- Apply arbitrary MATLAB expressions to the data before plotting
- Store plot definitions and data in MAT-Files for later usage
- ... Have a look to get an idea of its features :)

At first time, write the following in the MATLAB prompt to create an
example object of the underlying class and start its GUI to explore and
analyse the demo data:

d = dataExpDemo1;

The graphical user interface (GUI) that should show up illustrates what
can be done with the toolbox and what its purpose is. At the moment there
is no written documentation for the GUI, but a tool tip describes the
function of each button/field. Getting plots involves at least three
1. Select experiments from which data should be taken, e.g.:
   Select all experiments by pressing the 'All' button
2. Select quantities and the way they should be displayed, e.g.
   Select 'xNative/xIncrement/xIndex' for X1 and 'y-value' for Y1
3. Start plotting by pressing the show button, e.g.
   Press one of the 'Show' buttons. This will plot the 'y-value' over its
   native X axes ('x-value' in this case as set in the underlying object,
   see dataExpDemo1)
Some further things that can be done:
- Change the operator to 'x=x;y=y.^2;' to plot the square of Y over X
- Right click on the operator field to load some predefined functions
- Try the GUI with 'dataExpDemo2' and test the filter function
- Almost every action in the GUI should be followed by message on the
  info and warning screen. Press the corresponding button in the toolbar
  to get back to the plot area
Own data needs to be put into a dataExp object before it can be used with
the GUI. See the examples (dataExpDemo1, dataExpDemo2 and dataExpDemo3 )
to get an idea of the work flow.

- Tested with MATLAB r2010b
- Plotting function makes use of two files from file exchange, in order
  to create distinguishable colors without using any additional toolbox:
  * distinguishable_colors
  * colorspace
  If there are not available on the MATLAB path, the lines colormap is
  used instead. Feel free to get them at:

- Put files and sub folders to a folder that is on the MATLAB Path
- Do not add the class folders (@dataExp, @dataSel, @dataFig, @dataPlot)
  to the MATLAB path (see the MATLAB documentation on installing classes
  for further information)
- Get two additional files from file exchange for optimal results (see

- Use this toolbox on your own risk, especially keep a copy of your data!
- I hope you enjoy using it!
- Feel free to hand in feedback, bug reports, comments, etc.


Colorspace Transformations and Generate Maximally Perceptually Distinct Colors inspired this file.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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Comments and Ratings (2)
21 Mar 2012 Silvia

Silvia (view profile)

Nice tool to play with data, once the GUI is understood

Comment only
19 Mar 2012 Silvia

Silvia (view profile)

19 Mar 2012 1.2

- new layout
- context menu for operator field

21 Mar 2012 1.3

- new plot styles (bar, scatter, errorbar, etc.)
- link several properties (e.g. position) for multi axes plots

02 Apr 2012 1.4

- minor bugfixes in error reporting
- improved find method for data class
  (apply expression for arbitrary data)

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