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Simulation of transformation optics designed metamaterial for electromagnetic cloaking

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This Matlab code simulates the electromagnetic cloaking for finite length line and point sources.



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Please cite this software by referring to one of the following papers:
1. Körmöczi Koppány, Zsolt Szabó, Near-infrared Invisibility Cloak Engineered with Two-phase Metal-dielectric Composites, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS 50:(2) Paper 7005004. 4 p. (2014)

2. Körmöczi Koppány, Szabó Zsolt, Simulation of transformation optics designed metamaterial for electromagnetic cloaking PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE 56:(3) pp. 63-69. (2012)

This Matlab code with the finite element method based Partial Differential Equation Toolbox calculates and simulates the electromagnetic field, when a scatterer (copper) object is cloaked with transformation optics designed metamaterial. This electromagnetic cloaking effect can be studied and demonstrated with this program. The code includes two source type (finite length line source and point source), and two sets of metamaterial parameters (exact and reduced metamaterial parameters). You can choose from them arbitrarily. Additionally an Animation.m file is attached, which can animate one period of the wave propagation in steady-state.
Author: Koppány Körmöczi

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Lim Liu

This is very helpful for me. Thank you so much.



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