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mat2fig - Conversion from a matrix to a figure

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Function for converting a matrix into a figure (eps,fig,jpg,etc.) and latex code.



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Function for converting a matrix into a figure and latex code. Useful when a matrix in a latex document must be resized differently than standard latex sizes can offer (e.g., \includegraphics[width=\textwidth]{matrix.eps} ).

varargout = mat2fig(A,varargin) - conversion from matrix to a figure

INPUT: A - input matrix
'FileName' - name of the file. Type: eps(default), jpg, png,...
'MatName' - matrix name: 'on','off',"name"
'align' - alignment of the elements in the matrix: 'l','c','r'
'bracket' - type of bracket: '(','[','{','|','\|'

OUTPUT: eps file + latex code

mat2fig([1 2;3 4]);
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'MatName','B','bracket','[');
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'FileName','Matrix');
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'FileName',{'Matrix','jpg'});
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'MatName','A_{b}');
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'MatName','A_{b}','align','r','bracket','\|');
mat2fig([1 2;3 4],'FileName',{'A.eps','psc2'},'MatName','A_{b}','align','r','bracket','\|');

In LATEX amsmath package is required (due to \setcounter{MaxMatrixCols}{}).

Known BUGS:
1. Matrices of size bigger than 10 cannot be converted (because of latex interpreter in matlab)! For cases of >10 only latex code
is produced.
2. Figures are sometimes cut and not correctly bounded (eg. case of jpg
format). Restarting matlab can possibly help.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Inspired by: matlabfrag

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