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United States Population Growth Model

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Simulink model that predicts US population in 2100 AD: visualization and animation included



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This Simulink model predicts the population of the United States over the course of the 21st century. Population is defined as a function of age and gender in the year 2010 based on US Census Bureau data. Birth, death, and immigration rates are also defined as a function of age and gender. A fixed rate projection is calculated, enabling the user to produce several demographic charts for the year 2100. MATLAB code is included to produce a population pyramid and animation showing population as a function of age over time. An aging population of 412 million is predicted.

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Will Campbell

Will Campbell (view profile)

Hi Geoffrey. When I download the zip file, I find that there's a model file within it. Please check again. If it doesn't work for you still, then I suggest that you fill out a web feedback form to have an IT staff member investigate.

Please check the zip file. All I see is the license file. I don't see an MDL. Thank you.

a a

a a (view profile)



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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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