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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation

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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation


Trevor (view profile)


This is a simulation of an 8 tank lorenze water wheel. The water speed is manually controlled.

function alpha = AlphaCalc(Pr,Ptheta,mass,P)

% Finds the Angular acceleration of the Lorenze wheel
% the parameter was included in case later developments require some of the
% physical parameters from the Initialize.m file

COM_position = CenterOfMass(Pr,Ptheta,mass);

r_COM = COM_position(1);
theta_COM = COM_position(2);

Inertia = MomentOfInertia(Pr,Ptheta,mass,r_COM,theta_COM);

relativeTheta = mod(theta_COM,pi/2);

if theta_COM > 3*pi/2
    Angle = -(pi/2 - relativeTheta);
elseif theta_COM > pi
    Angle = -((pi/2-relativeTheta) +pi/2);
elseif theta_COM > pi/2
    Angle = (relativeTheta + pi/2);
    Angle = relativeTheta;

F_mag = 9.8*sum(mass); 

torque = r_COM*F_mag*sin(Angle);

alpha = torque/Inertia;


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