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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation

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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation


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This is a simulation of an 8 tank lorenze water wheel. The water speed is manually controlled.

% ----------------------------------
% Simulation a Lorenze wheel with 8 discrete water tanks
% Trevor Slade: Brigham Young University
% If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:
% ------------------------------------

% ------------------------------------
% This simulation was done with the hope to figure out how to control
% the wheel with the minimal amount of feedback information. This
% simulation does not implement any controls, but the implementation only
% requires the manual adjustment for gamma (a slider bar in the simulink
% file ( LorenzeSimulinkV1) to be replaced by a controller
% I am continuing to work on improving the controller, and if you are
% intersted in working on this problem, or want to hear about the progress
% feel free to contact me! 
% -------------------------------------

% Initializing the Parameters and APM

% Physical Parameters of the System

% These Parameters can be edited to match an actual system

P.rmax = 1;   % radius of the wheel (m^3)

P.TH = .4;    % Height of the Tanks (m)
P.TW = .3;    % Width of the Tanks (m)

P.holeDiameter = .05;   % Diameter of the outlet for each tank (m)
P.holeAc = pi*(P.holeDiameter/2)^2;  % area of the outlet for each tank (m^3)

% ----------------
% Flow out constant: v = (outFlowConst)*sqrt(h)

P.outFlowConst = sqrt(2*9.8*1000)*P.holeAc;

% Initial velocity of the wheel
P.v0 = 0;

% damping Coefficient of the wheel (To account for friction)
P.b = 2;

P.VolFlowMax = .01;  % Maximum Volumetric flow rate of the incoming water (m^3/s)

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