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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation

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Discrete Lorenz Water Wheel Simulation


Trevor (view profile)


This is a simulation of an 8 tank lorenze water wheel. The water speed is manually controlled.

function I = MomentOfInertia(Pr,Ptheta,mass,COM_r,COM_theta)

% Convert everything to Cartesian

x = Pr.*cos(Ptheta);
y = Pr.*sin(Ptheta);

x_COM = COM_r.*cos(COM_theta);
y_COM = COM_r.*sin(COM_theta);

% Calculate the distance

dx = x - x_COM;
dy = y - y_COM;

r_sqrd = (dx.^2 + dy.^2);

M_r = mass.*r_sqrd;

Total_Mass = sum(mass);

I = sum(M_r)/Total_Mass;


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