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Optimal Component Selection Using the Mixed-Integer Genetic Algorithm

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Use the mixed-integer genetic algorithm to solve an engineering design problem.

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Designs often require that components come from a list of available sizes. In this example, we show how the Genetic Algorithm can be used to find values for the Resistors and Thermistors in a circuit that meet our design criteria. The example uses optimization techniques to minimize the difference between a desired response curve and the curve generated from a simulation of the circuit. Because Resistors and Thermistors are only available in standard sizes, this becomes an interger-constrained problem as our design variables are limited to these standard sizes.

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Thank you for the video, very good example, I am trying to implement a GA solver for a black-box simulator. I will appreciate if you can guide with more content.

Devan Larson

Wow, never look at solving circuits this is before. Most of the time engineering pick components that match somewhat to the desired curve. very nice

thanks for sharing the file. and is this maxima fun or minima func ..

Dragos Dinca

Yang Zhang

Very Useful! Thank you!


karra (view profile)

can this be implemented with global optimization tool box ?


karra (view profile)

how can i implement it to an 4th order butterworth filter please help me

anh tq

anh tq (view profile)


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