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OpenStreetMap Functions

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    get the x,y coordinates of unique nodes at road intersections
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    EXTRACT_CONNECTIVITY extract road connectivity from parsed OpenStreetMap
  • assign_from_parsed(parsed...
    assign from parsed osm structure
  • get_way_tag_key(tag)
    get tags and key values for ways
  • load_osm_xml(filename)
    load OpenStreetMap XML file contents as a MATLAB structure
  • main_mapping(varargin)
    handle application map
  • parse_openstreetmap(opens...
    PARSE_OPENSTREETMAP parse an OpenStreetMap XML file (OSM XML)
  • parse_osm(osm_xml)
    PARSE_OSM Parse into a structure a loaded OSM XML structure.
  • plot_nodes(ax, parsed_osm...
    plot (selected) nodes and label each with index and id
  • plot_road_network(ax, con...
    plot the nodes and edges connecting them
  • plot_route(ax, route, par...
    plot (over map) the route found by route planner
  • plot_way(ax, parsed_osm, ...
    PLOT_WAY plot parsed OpenStreetMap file
  • route_planner(dg, S, T)
    find shortest path in graph of road intersections (nodes)
  • show_map(ax, bounds, map_...
    plot raster map in figure and fix plot bounds
  • debug_openstreetmap.m
    example script for using the OpenStreetMap functions
  • usage_example.m
    example script for using the OpenStreetMap functions
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OpenStreetMap Functions



22 Mar 2012 (Updated )

Load map, extract connectivity, plot road network & find shortest paths from OpenStreetMap XML file.

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