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Spectrogram, STFT, with varied kinds of Plots

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Plots STFT using line, Stem, Surface, Image. STFT calculation done using in built function

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This is a wrapper for the inbuilt function "Spectrogram". It simply plots STFT in 4 different ways.

In order to use it call the function with first parameter either 'Line', 'Stem', 'Surface', 'Image' and the rest of the inputs are similar to inbuilt function in the same order.

Execute the demo to see a simple use case.

Brief of the plot types

1. Line - Creates on line for each frequency. You can see the variation of it's amplitude over time.
2. Stem - Creates a 3D stem plot x-time, y-frequency, z-amplitude.
3. Surface - Creates a 3D surface plot x-time, y-frequency, z-amplitude
4. Image - Most commonly used.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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