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image compression using wavelet transform

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this code does gray scale image compression

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to use this codes u have to first convert RGB image to grayscale and also its colormap.....

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a error occured in "TrueColor CData contains element out of range 0.0 <=
value <= 1.0" in line

% subplot(1,2,2); image(Xcomp); title('Compressed Image');
% axis square

kindly solveit


Rewati (view profile)

how can i calculate the MSE & PSNR through ur prog. it always shows '0'& psnr= inf

im sorry but when i m running thi program error will take place.plz help me to run this program.i really need to know about compression using wavelet

huda noor

thank u very much and could use another type of wavelet instead of bior. in the same code??

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