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NeuLoud (Calculates Loudness Level)

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NeuLoud (Calculates Loudness Level)



27 Mar 2012 (Updated )

Calculates Loudness Level according to ISO-226:2003 using Artificial Neural Networks for any SPL.

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File Information

Dear All,

This function is an updated version of that presented in V. Espinoza, R. Venegas, S. Floody, "Modelo de Sonoridad Utilizando Redes Neuronales" (Loudness Model using Neural Networks) , V Congreso Iberoamericano de Acústica FIA 2006 , Santiago, Chile, 25-28 Octubre 2006

Additional information:

f : frecuency [Hz]
NPS : Sound Pressure Level [dB]
L : Loudness Level [Fon]

How to use
1) Copy "NeuLoud.m" and "RedLoud.mat" to a new directory (NeuLoud2011, for example)
2) Add folder with menu File-Set Path-add folder, select NeuLoud2011 folder, click save, close the "Set path window"

Optionally, I have attached a "CFIT" object with the isophonic curve "0 fon" in the file “RedLoud.mat”. This prevents the function to take values outside its validity range as indicated in IS0-226: 2003. For example, to calculate the SPL of the curve "0 fon" use SPL_0_fon = zero (f); where f is the frequency in Hertz.

The provided functions require the toolboxes Neural Network and Curve Fitting to be installed.
This function is free for personal, non-profit and academic users as long as the paper mentioed above is cited. The commercial use of this script is not allowed.

Thanks to Rodolfo Venegas by the original version of script

Thanks for your interest.

Víctor Espinoza

Required Products Curve Fitting Toolbox
Neural Network Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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27 Mar 2012 Victor Espinoza

Please check this links for more information:


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28 Mar 2012 1.2

The installation instructions were corrected

28 Mar 2012 1.3

sintaxis correction

28 Mar 2012 1.4

syntax correction

02 Apr 2012 1.11

links added

24 Jun 2013 1.13

Correction in *.m file

24 Jun 2013 1.15

Correction in *.m file

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