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Make Pretty (Publishable) Graphs

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Easily create publishable ready figures. Great used with export_fig or on its own.

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Easily Create Publishable Ready Figures. Change Font Size, Line Width and Background Color. Makes all Axis Labels the same Precision.

Great used with export_fig, but even on its own it makes great looking figures. Easily make a set of consistent figures for reports, publications, or other applications where it is important to have professional looking graphs.
This file doesn't require any toolboxes or extra files.

syntax: pubgraph(FigureHandle, FontSize, LineWidth, Color)

h=figure; plot(x,y,'o')
xlabel('Time (s)'), ylabel('People')

Note: This doesn't save the figures. You can do this using the save button on the figure toolbar or using export_fig or other Matlab Central Files.

Also: I have a pretty old version of Matlab, if someone with a newer version could check it out and see if it throws errors, and leave a comment, that would be great!

Author: Ruth Livingstone

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Beenwa (view profile)

THX,Ruth,this function is quite useful.

Ruth Livingstone

Thanks Baharuddin. I'm working on an update - watch this space :o)

Baharuddin Ali

Simple command with pretty results..good job, thanks. May can develop with just click copy & paste publisable preety results.

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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