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Polyspace Compiler Templates

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Polyspace Compiler template sets help at setup phase according to compiler and target



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Since Polyspace for R2012a, it is possible to create a new project from a template file.
This tool contains a list of templates that if it fits compiler and target requirements, allow a minimum set of Polyspace options in order to ease at use a compilation phase.
Each proposed template contains options, flag of compilation, headers and/or –post-preprocessing-command that will help to reach end of a compilation phase.
Each template is not exhaustive and may sometimes fail in this quest.
Anyway, it gives interesting information how to handle compilation issues and some tips to bypass it without intrusion (or a few).
List of templates available: iar_stm33, cosmic_stm8, cosmic_ hcs12x, ccsv5_mps430, visual10_x86, qnx63_x86, ecoder_32bitgen, wince5_x86, qnx63_powerpc and boost_gnu

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Usefull, when using Windows instaed of Linux-Server


Updated license


Minor changes

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MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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