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Using SimBiology for Mechanism-Based PK/PD Modeling in Preclinical & Discovery

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Examples used in the March 2012 webinar: Using SimBiology for Mechanism-Based PK/PD Modeling



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In this webinar, you learn how to use SimBiology and MATLAB to implement mechanism-based PK/PD modeling workflows. Using a modeling and simulation case-study from literature, we demonstrate:

• Building mechanism-based PK/PD models using an interactive block-diagram editor
• Estimating parameters by fitting experimental data
• Simulating different dosing strategies
• Exploring system dynamics using parameter sweeps & sensitivity analysis
• Automating and customizing analyses using MATLAB

We also highlight new features in SimBiology 2012a including:

• Simulation Viewer – a interactive visualization tool for model exploration
• Weighted fitting
• Simultaneously fitting data from multiple dose levels

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