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Abstract—A new soft-switching boost converter is proposed in
this paper. The conventional boost converter generates switching
losses at turn ON and OFF, and this causes a reduction in the whole
system’s efficiency. The proposed boost converter utilizes a softswitching
method using an auxiliary circuit with a resonant inductor
and capacitor, auxiliary switch, and diodes. Therefore, the
proposed soft-switching boost converter reduces switching losses
more than the conventional hard-switching converter. The efficiency,
which is about 91% in hard switching, increases to about
96% in the proposed soft-switching converter. In this paper, the
performance of the proposed soft-switching boost converter is verified
through the theoretical analysis, simulation, and experimental

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really frustating

Bala Mukesh

hard switching is achieved not soft switching and it is just a boost converter only

harish gedi

hello sir,
It seems that the results were not correct and we are getting zero in pulse generator scope. either zvs or zcs haven't achieved.


nitin (view profile)

Good Morning sir,
please help me.
I have downloaded that .mdl file but it is not opening.
I want to see the output.

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