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PMSG based Wind Power Generation System

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wind power generation based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

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2-mass model based wind turbine is used in this system for providing mechanical torque/input to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator. 3-phase power generated from this system, changing wind velocity is also presented in this model.

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hi everyone,
I need a simulation of wind turbine with PMSG, boost converter and mppt algorithm if anyone have it, pls send a message to me. My e-mail adress is

thank you very much

Speed of the Generator is continuously decreasing.

Mladen Simic

well done.. !

Ahmed Rashad


SPZ (view profile)

Jake Maraks

Thanks @shubham, but I don't see how is your answer calculating Base rotor speed. I see a calculation of power not based rotor speed,, please help, thanks again

thanks @braa but I solved this and found more accurate value than you
P0= 0.5(ρAVw)*(Vw)2*cp*k
according to geographical condition so I opt value according to that
Cp= .5
Vs= 12m/s
now here in this model rating of turbine is I Watt
so after multiplying this all just multiply wit 746W to convert it into fro Kilo Watt to Watt. you will get 152.268.

hope every body's problem regard this will be solved.
and please respect the author Siva Malla.

how 152.8 value is set please tell.

Can you give explanation of this model specially pitch control and 2 mass drive train.

Can you provide an analysis of PMSG with Grid interconnected at PCC with STATCOM connected


Sir, Is it possible for you to provide a model for DFIG based wind generator.


thank you

Hi sir
I am using matlab 2014b.this file is not running on matlab 2014b....upgrade advisor could not upgrade this file..kindly send me upgrade email is
regards: sohaib

Ramprasad S


From Very long,The author is not commenting on the query raised on Base Speed of Rotor =152.89.

I would Like to ask from which formula,he reached to it.

According to me,Wbase should be=2*pi*60/(Number of Pole Pair)=75.3

Please,take check of all such confusion before using this model,as waveforms looks good so it's trap and also no MPPT is there.


li (view profile)


Sir Can u pls tell you got the base speed of 152.8 and also need an equation that govern the 2-mass train model. I will appreciate assiatance from every one. My email adress i



Fathul (view profile)

this is good model. can you teach me about this model? i have some question for this model.
this is my email:


hi sir
how can i change rated power of pmsg to 2MW


Xu (view profile)

This model is very good, but may I ask where can I get the detailed parameters of the turbine, like the rotational inertia of the rotor and the starting torque?
Thank you very much!

Venkatesh Yadav

proper references are not provided despite the users request. Most of the blocks of the model is similar to that of the one presented in the simpowersystems examples of Matlab 2012 version.

good for me thank



Thank you for sharing this model sir Dear Sir I want to model the 100 MW offshore wind arm. So how can change the ratings like generator, turbine please send me the details My email id is


Yuya (view profile)

Thank you for sharing this model sir.
However, may I know where I can find the wind turbine inertia constant value? where can I get the wbase value which you used as "152.8".
Anyone can help me on this? Thanks


Faisal (view profile)

Dear Sir

I want to connect this model with the grid bus and with parallel to this model i want to connect the pv arrays of 100 KW.
Can you please help me with the model and design.
My email id is

HI Siva,
good model.i have mailed to several times but no reply frm u

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

Dear Kshitiz Byahatti: Yes, you can change ratings of PMSG generator, but according to PMSG ratings you should also change wind and other ratings like L, C etc....My email Id is

Dear Siva,

Great model. Thank you for sharing. I have a few questions. How do we change the rating of the wind machine? Can I have your e-mail ID?


Mar Sous

abul hasnat

can u please suggest me how to design ....2MVA permanent magnet synchronous generator...........


BN (view profile)


BN (view profile)


MHz (view profile)

Why if torque will be higher(for example Tm=800000) 2model don't same?


serry (view profile)

Thanks for that very helpful model.

The only thing that confuses me a lot is that, given the wind turbine characteristics ( turbine output power vs turbine speed ), how is it possible that for wind speeds lets say 30m/s the output power to be greater than the power for 12m/s. I might have misinterpreted the characteristic though. I would be thankful if anyone could clarify this to me.


very nice model sir

Swasti Khuntia

Thank you for your amazing model , helped me a lot ..
Can you please support me with the mathematical equations of the mass drive train, the wind turbine model and the Pitch angle .

Ahmed lamine

Dear Siva,
First of all thank you for sharing your amazing work with us.
I wanted to know if I want to changed the output power to be only 500watts what are the parameters that should be changed.
also just for clarifying the scheme contains only wind+ PMSG there is no battery and other devices that are discussed in the reference you have provided.
Thank you.


very needy sir, can i have some reference other than the provided one here


sir can we connect this model to vsc-hvdc transmission system

Shahida Hasan

Shahida Hasan

Dear Siva,

1st and foremost, Thank you for this amazing model. I have a few questions for this model.
1) This model is for constant wind speed right? so the pitch angle is zero
2) but if I change the constant wind speed to fluctuate wind speed using random number block. The pitch angle is also zero. Isn't have to be change a bit?

I've been facing this kind of problem for my model too. Hope you can help.

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

Dear Emad Alsaedi: Send me your email ID and quarries to my mail ID. then I can help you in this regard....

Emad Alsaedi

Dear Siva Malla. can you provide me with more papers to understand the scheme. I am asked to simulate wind power and change of frequency and the effect on the grid. on other words, how is the frequency going to change when we connect Wind turbine to a group of sys generator. I need to study the effect.

thank you

sir please send the exact reference paper of this model

zoheir tir

Hi, Siva. I name is Pr Zuheir of algeria Firstly thank you for sharing the amazing model with others. for reading your paper give me password of IEEE. thank you


kiran (view profile)

nice sir ..

Irshad Ismail

Another thing is about the drive train design. I see there are some different between the designed model and the equations stated in the reference.Could you please explain to me. Thank you.

Irshad Ismail

I read the article, but one thing still confusing me is the pitch angle controller. Could you explain to me how to adjust the angle. Or you can include any reference regarding this part.

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

Dear Irshad Ismail: see this paper for more details:

C. N. Bhende, S. Mishra, S. G. Malla, “Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator-Based Standalone Wind Energy Supply System” IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, vol. 2, pp.361 – 373. Oct. 2011.

If you have any doubts after read this paper then I will explain.

Irshad Ismail

Hi, Siva. I name is Irshad. Firstly thank you for sharing the amazing model with others. But could you explain to me in detail how did you design the wind turbine model, especially the pitch angle controller section and the 2 mass drive train section. It would be grateful if you can share with us all the matters that you considered in designing this model.
Thank you.


Adel (view profile)

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

Dear Ali, Thanks for your complement. You can see this paper and references of this paper for details of this model:

Paper: C. N. Bhende, S. Mishra, S. G. Malla, “Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator-Based Standalone Wind Energy Supply System” IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, vol. 2, pp.361 – 373. Oct. 2011.


Ali (view profile)

Hi siva ,
First of all, thank you for your contribution in the area of power engineering,secondly,could you please include any reference you may used for building this model


ali hussein


Ali (view profile)

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

thanks for complement......

It's amazing model
i advice every on to download it.

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