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InSPIRE: simple utility to read raw image into Matlab workspace

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It reads a 3D raw image and show the mid cross-section of the raw volume image

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This simple utility program reads a 3D image in raw format into Matlab workspace for your image processing. The user needs to have the formation of the voxel depth and the image x, y and z dimensions for this program to run. The code could be easily modified to show the sagittal and/or coronal planes for additional verification and visualization.

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Goran Lehar

Rex Cheung

Hi Sheng,
Thanks for your comments. You are right.
We just uploaded another readRaw.m has endian-ness, and the zdim/2 fixed:
fid = fopen(filename,'rb',endian); %'b' = big-endian %for X-machines, Little End in
%(little endian) for windows %(
%it is the obscure fact that X %programmers
%like to store the big part of %their
%number first in the memory.

Sheng Yue

should "zplane=round(Xdim/2);"
to be "zplane=round(Zdim/2);"?

And you may need to include Endianness options to the code.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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