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Reads a time-range of data from a binary GENESIS file.

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[data, time_trace] = readgenbin(filename, start_time, end_time, endian);

  filename: Path to GENESIS file.
  start_time, end_time: Time in milliseconds relative to the ACTUAL
          time of the experiment at which data adquisition started
          (if you start gathering data at 200 ms and you specify 0
          start time it will not work). If either is [] or NaN, defaults
to beginning and end of trace, respectively. end_time is
not inclusive.
  endian: (optional) Indicates file format; 'l' for little endian
          and 'b' for big endian. See the "machineformat" option
in fopen for more information. Defaults to the native endian
of this computer.

  data: Data vector or matrix read.
  time_trace: (Optional) Corresponding time range vector (in ms).

  Files should be created by the disk_out method in the GENESIS neural
simulator. No checking for binary type is made, so if you want reliability please
ensure the file is a binary. Files written by GENESIS on big-endian
machines (like old Mac and Solaris machines with PowerPC architecture)
must be loaded with the endian='b' option. There are sanity checks to
flag that the file may be reverse-endian, but this is not automatically

Fully read a native-endian file:
>> dat = readgenbin('mydir/myfile.bin');
Specify a time range:
>> dat = readgenbin('mydir/myfile.bin', 100, 1000);
Get a time vector back:
>> [dat, t] = readgenbin('mydir/myfile.bin', 100, 1000);
>> figure; plot(t, dat);
Force to fully load big-endian Mac file on PC platform:
>> dat = readgenbin('mydir/mymacfile.bin', NaN, NaN, 'b');

See also: fopen

  Alfonso Delgado-Reyes original version based in open
  binary from Simon Peron.
  Cengiz Gunay <cengique _AT_> for error checking, verbose
  output, endian support, and other minor modifications.

Required Products MATLAB
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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