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Simulation of an OFDM system with the PSD

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This is an OFDM simulation that gives you the PAPR, BER, and the PSD before and after the SSPA.



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This is an OFDM simulation that gives you the PAPR, BER, and the PSD before and after the SSPA.

This simulation will ask you about the parameters to simulate them: length of OFDM symbol (N), upsampling factor (k), number of input bits (n) to generate the OFDM symbols from them, and the phase offset of the modulator (P).

Note: N must be >=128 (minimum is 128).

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its better to give the asking params also-good for self edn -feel better than prev codes

fouad mayouf

please email me for the right parameters :

hafsa h

hello sir .thanks a lot for the code.sir can you please help me to simulate the same code but using rayleigh channel.i have been trying since few days but am unable to implement it and am getting many errors.please sir can you help me? thanks in advance.

Yasir Jowhar


Thanks for sharing. My query is: why did you use different parameters for with and without sspa?
[Pxx,W] = pwelch(ifft_data(:,10),[],[],2048,40);
[Pxx_sspa,W] = pwelch(ifft_data_sspa(:,10),[],[],2048,100);


ali (view profile)


Prasad Kalane

How to calculte following parameter; or suggest me some introductory documents, as I am new to this area...
>> Number of Subcarriers(N)
>> Up samping factor(k)
>> Number of all samples(n)
>> Mapping Order(M)
>> Phase Offset(P)

Nelly BS

Hi! I'm studying OFDM system and i want to calculate the power in each slot,Can you help me ?could you please send me the full funtional code?and the numbers you take in first part to run this code(this is my email
Thank you

It is a general OFDM, I did not flow any paper, I already published some papers such as the following paper, I used part of this code in my paper below.

Reducing the power envelope fluctuation of OFDM systems using side information supported amplitude clipping approach


mouna (view profile)

please can you help me?


mouna (view profile)

first,thanks a lot for your post. I would like to ask you about the base paper of this simulation and the exact parameters that you used in your simulation because I have a problem during the simulation. so please email me on: thank you in advance

respected sir, m very impressed by this coding approach of ofdm!!!!!!! thank u so much for such wonderful post. wil you please provide me the base paper for this implemenattion?
i want to know the variable exact selection procedure for different modulation schems, also i need to add clipping and slm technique in this coding to reduce the papr. will you please help me? plese mail me on:

math wisdom


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