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How Computer Models Help Break Records?

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How Computer Models Help Break Records?



04 May 2012 (Updated )

Article on use of MATLAB to build a simplified model of the BLOODHOUND Super Sonic Car.

% Copyright 2012 - 2012 The MathWorks Inc

function [dv]=BloodhoundEQ(t,v)
global Bloodhound
Bloodhound.Velocity= v(1);                      % Store new velocity
Bloodhound.Position = v(2);                     % Store Position
Bloodhound.Time = t;                            % Elapsed time since start of mission
Bloodhound.Decel = Bloodhound.Position > ...    % Start Deceleration after the measured mile
    Bloodhound.MeasuredMileStop;                %
Thrust = computeThrust(Bloodhound);             % Compute the Thrust from the Jet and the Rocket
Bloodhound.Mass   = computeMass(Bloodhound);    % Compute the Mass of the car 
Drag   = computeDrag(Bloodhound);               % Compute the Drag and Braking forces
dv(1,1) = (Thrust - Drag)/Bloodhound.Mass;      % Newton's 2nd law of motion
dv(2,1) = v(1);                                 % Speed of the car

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