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American Sign Language Detection using PCA and LDA

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American Sign Language Detection using PCA and LDA


Neeraj (view profile)


26 Apr 2012 (Updated )

Provides scripts for testing the two algorithms as well as testing real time input.

% American Sign Language Detection
% Group 13
% This function performs SVM classification
function Ind = ASLsvm(cAlpha,nTrainingSamples,InImWeight,omega)

Training = omega';%Training based on features extracted
Ind = 1;
for ii = 2:size(cAlpha,2)
    Group = [ii*ones(1,nTrainingSamples) Ind*ones(1,nTrainingSamples)];
    %Perform classification between chosen and next group of trainng
    Train = [Training((ii-1)*nTrainingSamples+1:(ii-1)*nTrainingSamples+nTrainingSamples,:); ...
    SVMStruct = svmtrain(Train, Group);    
    Ind = svmclassify(SVMStruct, InImWeight);%Chosen group retained for next comparison

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