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Routh Pade Approximation

To Compute Routh-Pade Approximant of a given stable transfer function to a desired degree.



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The code derives the reduced order approximant of a desired degree for a given transfer function.

The method used is the Routh-Pade Approximation.

Computes the r-th order Routh-Pade Approximation of a given n-th order stable transfer function G, with 1<=r<=n. The denominator of the reduced model is computed using the reduced routh/gamma table. The numerator on the other hand is computed by moment matching.

G=tf([1 2],[1 3 4 5])

gives the output

Transfer function:
0.5714 s + 1.143
s^2 + 2.286 s + 2.857

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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