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highest row degree coefficient matrix of a polynomial matrix T(s)

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This function computes the highest row degree coefficient matrix of polynomial matrix T(s).



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Very useful in polynomial matrix theory which is directly connected with linear multivariable control systems
For example if we in put the matrix
[ s^2+3*s, s+1]
T= [ 5*s, s^4]
[ 5*s^6, s^2]
[ 3*s^3+6, s^3+5] we'll get
ans =
1 0
0 1
5 0
3 1

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Lazaros Moysis

Lazaros Moysis (view profile)

Ohh thank u all for downloading! I would also be grateful if u mention me (Lazaros Moysis) in case u are using this function in any kind of homework or assinment!
(and notify me if you do!) :)



Fixed grammar mistakes


just changed the description

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