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Extraction of a Volume of Interest (VOI)



30 Apr 2012 (Updated )

This is a simple example of extracting a rectangular volume of interest (VOI) from a 3D image

function extractVOI(img)

hMainGui = getappdata(0,'hmaingui');
h = getappdata(hMainGui,'recthandle');
p1 = getPosition(h(1)); % get axial
p2 = getPosition(h(2)); % get coronal
p3 = getPosition(h(3)); % get sagittal

VOIdefs= [p1(1),p1(1)+p1(3),p1(2),p1(2)+p1(4),p2(2),p2(2)+p2(4)];

[x,y,z,svol] = subvolume(img,VOIdefs);

imlook3d(svol); % This gui is available in Matlab file exchange

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