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Five Link Suspension

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Automotive Five Link Suspension example in SimMechanics.

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This model is a quarter-car five link suspension. The model may be used to understand suspension kinematics (toe, caster, camber, later and longitudinal recession), as well as suspension dynamics (understand load paths when driving over bumpy roads). The model was built in SimMechanics™, and uses Simulink® 3D Animation™ to animate the simulation.

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Vu Minh

This model cannot run in 2016. Any one has this updated version for 2016 or 2017?

Paul Gresham

Thankyou Paul, it's incredibly helpful to see a complete working model, end to end with simulation. I recommend this to anyone new to Matlab. Confirmed this runs with R2015a.


karam (view profile)

thank you

Hello Paul Barnard!!!
To your attention another my work,
I did half-car model using simscape (expounded on my page),
that you think about it?
A design of dynamics of car is this my hobby,
however my models in Simulink yet bad quality.

Paul Barnard

Paul Barnard (view profile)

Hi Olexander, You can find more examples like this in Simulink. The example model sldemo_suspn.mdl may help. Also, the example powerwindow03.mdl has a good mechanical visualization.

very kind work
Can tell as you did it?
Maybe do you have methodology?
I am also interested in similar subjects.

Mr Smart

thank you very much

Mr. Paul, how to make the road selector using masking system like you did? Please give me the answer?

hamed nozari

peter dang


Peter Dang

What's a wonderful job!

Jozef Bucha

Great work, working perfectly

mohamed labib


Bas van Loon

Shekhar Dautpure

File doesnt run in matlab 6.5
some files are missing

gajanan trikukar


katsuhiko douhata

hamid hamid

thank you very much.I need your code.

meghdad abdi

I will rate after I open that file.I mean I
will rate later.

Chinmay Pawaskar

Wenxian Zhang

Ahmet Shala

sadg sdg


Updated license


This zip file contains versions of the model, which work with R13SP1, R2008a, R2008b, R2009a, and R2009b.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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