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3-dimensional version of the classic Snake. playsnake starts the game!!! Takes some practice.

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**hopefully this works, my friends' computers had problems running this game, but I don't know why**
This is one of the first programs my friend and I have ever made, so the code is likely not organized very understandably. We have no formal programming experience; this was all made through trial and error. From what we can find, this game has never been made before, we came up with this on our own. Any feedback is appreciated!

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Mingjing Zhang

Mingjing Zhang (view profile)

If you mean the voices I heard when the snake hit itself or when the game is over, yes the sounds do work (What does it say when the snake hits the wall? It sounds like "dooh" but I cannot make anything out if it).

I think you are right about the apple's shadows. I pictured in my mind what the game would have looked like if the shadows of the apple are added, and it does not appear good.

It seems that you have a great team and you guys really had fun. I envy you guys. When I tried to write a game, I never get to work with a team...Anyway, you guys should keep going and make more things like that.


Rob (view profile)

Thank you mingjing! Just out of curiosity, did the sounds work on your computer?

And in response to the apple's shadows, we originally had those, but the game ended up feeling more like 2D snake played with the 3 shadows. Hard to explain. The way to play without the apple's shadows is to match the color of the snake with the apple, then you know you are on the same level. We were hoping this would make it feeling more "3D."

Again, thanks for the feedback!

Mingjing Zhang

Mingjing Zhang (view profile)

Well designed game with good player experience. I especially like the practice mode. The projections of the snake on three surfaces are very helpful for locating the snake in the 3D space.

The only problem I find is that the position of the apple (or whatever you may call it) is hard to determine since its projections are not shown on the walls of the cube.



Added full-screen to the game, as well as minor upgrades.


added to the summary that playsnake is the initial program to the game.

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