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Weighted generalized Hurst exponent

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Weighted generalized Hurst exponent



01 May 2012 (Updated )

Computes the generalized Hurst exponent with exponential weights

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This code calculates the weighted generalized Hurst exponent H(q) from
the scaling of the renormalized q-moments of the distribution

      <|x(t+r)-x(t)|^q>_w/<x(t)^q>_w ~ r^[qH(q)]

Here <f>_w are weighted averages of f(t) over 0<= t < T
with weights
      w(t) = w0 exp(-(T-t)/delta)
      w0 = (1-exp(-1/delta))/(1-exp(-T/delta))

H = genhurstw(S)
S is 1xT data series (T>50 recommended)
calculates unweighted H(q=1)

H = genhurstw(S,q)
calculates unweighted H(q) specifying the exponent q
which can be a vector (default value q=1)

H = genhurstw(S,q,delta)
calculates weighted H(q) specifying the characteristic time delta
H = genhurstw(S,q,delta,maxT)
calculates weighted H(q) specifying the characteristic time delta
and the size of the scaling window maxT

estimates the standard deviation sH(q)

  generalized Hurst exponent for a random gaussian process
  H=genhurstw(cumsum(randn(10000,1)),[1,2]) to calculate H(1) and H(2)
  H=genhurstw(cumsum(randn(10000,1)),[1,2],100) to calculate weighted
  H(1) and H(2) with chractreistic time delta = 100

for the generalized Hurst exponent method please refer to:
  T. Di Matteo et al. Physica A 324 (2003) 183-188
  T. Di Matteo et al. Journal of Banking & Finance 29 (2005) 827-851
  T. Di Matteo Quantitative Finance, 7 (2007) 21-36
for the weighted Hurst exponent method please refer to:
  R. Morales et al. Physica A, 391 (2012) 3180-3189.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)
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31 Jan 2013 1.1

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