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Fuzzy controller based Speed Control of DC Motor

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in this model, speed control of DC motor using Fuzzy Logic is simulated

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Fuzzy Logic based speed control of DC motor is designed. and In this model, designed a fuzzy controller for control of speed of dc motor. modeling of dc motor is also presented. this zip file contains matlab simulink model and fis file.

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Majji Naresh

Sir please explain how the model works .
Thank you

Hi, I've implemented your control over a real motor Mabuchi FC130SA with 334 line encoder (at X4 mode 1336 lines), using uVision and a TM4C123GH6PM, and it works perfectly. It helped me a lot using the rules, they work very well. I have used Simulink Code Generator for Cortex M4 using CMSIS. Many thanks.

Amine Mehdi

sir, i wants the full discription of your model with explaination of each block.
my mail id :

Hi, what does input TL of the motor stand for? Thanks

Amr tarek

so cool

Anne zid



rosim lava

could some help me to modify it for 4 dc motor
I need it for my Bc thesis, Thank you in advance for your help

Dear Siva Milla. Kindly tell Does your model works on Version R2014b? Thank you

Marwan Altaey



Andi (view profile)

Thank you brother..

soummya roy


i am not able to see the file error showing

i am not able to run this in matlab somebody help me out


VU BUI (view profile)

could you give me text file of this model? i saw it, but i donot understand
thank you!
my email:

i can run this simulation in MATLAB 2015a,please help me to solve this problem,thank you..

premsai gc

can u give the entire simulation to me.
i mean i want the fuzzy file also for the download

hi there , please tell me how to open it .

afada rio

hello there, can I get full paper of this journal?

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

u didn't run it fuzzy properly...

The simulink model is having error says- Undefined function "fuzblockmask".. Plz help me out..


Anurag (view profile)


Pallab Maji

I was able to use this model successfully in 2013b after using upgrade advisor. Thanks !!!


PRANAV (view profile)

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

Mr. Kevin: I think your logic is wrong or you are implemented in wrong direction. I think so. I may tell/correct your model after analyzing your model. until I can't say anything without seeing your model.


Kevin (view profile)

Hey Siva,
thanks for sharing your work! I'm desperately trying to modify your version to a dc motor positioning control. So, the output of the dc motor modell would be theta. But what's next to do? The signal however begins to oscillate. Even the implementation of several gains (for error, change of error und the flc output) doesn't improve the result. Do you have any hints on that matter?

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

in this model we can't change dc motor by induction motor, because these two are different and completely opposite in nature. so it is not possible, but we can implement fuzzy based control for induction motor. some few changes are required to run this model in matlab 12. better to go with matlab 2008 version.

It did not run in Matlab/simulink 12. says control parameter is not ok.
Can one change DC motor to Induction motor? Thank you!



changed title of the model (file)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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