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Shimmer MATLAB Instrument Driver

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Shimmer MATLAB Instrument Driver



04 May 2012 (Updated )

Object oriented solution for Shimmer sensor data capture directly into Matlab

quatrotate(q, v)
function t = quatrotate(q, v)

%QUATROTATE - rotates the vector, v, by the quaternion, q.
%  QUATROTATE(Q, R) rotates the vector, V by the quaternion, Q, according 
%  to the rules of quaternion algebra.
%  SYNOPSIS: quatrotate(q, v)
%  INPUT: q - input quaternion
%  INPUT: r - input vector
%  OUTPUT: t - rotated vector
%  EXAMPLE: t = quatrotate([1,0,0,0], [0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5])

if size(q,2)~=4 || size(v,2)~=4 || size(q,2)~=size(v,2)
    disp('Error: input arrays must both be of dimension mx4.');
    numSamples = size(q,1);
    t = zeros(numSamples,4);
    for n = 1:numSamples
        t(n,:) =  quatmultiply(quatmultiply(q,v),quatconjugate(q));

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