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shape analysis of oscillations

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Analysis the of shape of sinusoidal osczillations by interpreting the peaks in the Fourier spectrum.



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This program allows you to analyze the change over time of significant frequencies of an oscillation with a fast Fourier transformation-analysis. The oscillation data can be imported from files with ascii-formatted data. With the tool you can evaluate lots of files fast and easy in little steps.
There are many possibilities to prepare and analyze the data. The preparation includes noise reduction with window-functions or BLUBB as well as average determination.
As input information you only need the sampling rate of your incoming data and the stimulating frequency of the oscillation. At start you choose which frequencies of your oscillation you want to
evaluate by clicking on them in the plot of the Fourier transformation. As result you get a fit which contains peak-height, -position and noise (and some more). The program displays and saves the change of these parameters over all selected files. You get the results as txt-files and can observe the progress in different plots.

Hint: GUI appearance is optimized for Windows 7 Aero Style! The style of GUI elements is not checked on other OS layouts!

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MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

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