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Optimization of PI controller of a dc motor four quadrant speed control through ICA

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application of ICA for optimization of PI controller of dc motor speed control



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there is a 'Main_ImperialistCompetitveAlgorithm.m' file .just run it.there is two is for final use after optimization.use the optimized PI parameter to thge final can change the decade for better result.also you can change the range of PI parameter by changing [varmin],[varmax] matrix in the 'Main_ImperialistCompetitveAlgorithm.m'.

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you will get error if don't simulate it in just matlab7.0.Even matlab7.5,6.5 will not work,because there is some function like refershdata().this will not work in matlab6,5.but, but the model is made in matlab6.5.there is a difference of model between 6.5 and updated version.In 6.5 power line is considered as signal line,but updated version consider it as separate power line,simpower system of 6.5 will not work in updated will be shown as badlink.
very soon ,the updated model will be submitted.who dont have matlab7.0,have to wait few days,the updated version of the same models will be submitted.

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dc motor speed control and its optimization/