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Program's Name: Semitic to Arabic

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File Information

The target of program:
I wrote this program based on the publishing materials about Semitic Alphabets.
This program is targeting the archaeologists who are working on the Arabian Peninsula's history and the surrounding area, and it give archaeologists the following abilities:

1- Type the script and save it (as images) with its Latin symbols, which used in archaeology.
2- Recall the saved script.
3- Give the Semitic symbol any new value, and that can open new doors in studies of Semitic fonts and area's history.

The Semitic Alphabets which the program is dealing with:
1- Mosnad
2- Phoenician
3- Thamudic
4- Ugaritic
5- Aramic(Hebrew)

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
Other requirements I wrote this program by MatLab R2009a, but I think you can use any version: 2004 and higher. you need to install arabic font to read the txt files
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