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Simple cell tracking/contour for extensional flow

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Simple cell tracking/contour for extensional flow



This script tracks two cells in an extensional flow field while measuring the contours.

%Read in and view movie
%Part 1 of 2 of full .avi analysis
%Kevin Roth

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cellmovie = mmreader('*.avi');
nFrames = cellmovie.NumberOfFrames;
fRate = cellmovie.FrameRate;
vidHeight = cellmovie.Height;
vidWidth = cellmovie.Width;

for j = 1:nFrames
    imageData = read(cellmovie,j);
    cropimage = imcrop(imageData, [150 150 200 330]);
    %imcrop([xmin ymin width height])
    figure(1), imshow(cropimage);

%Crop the video so that only two cells are present in the field of view at
%all times.  The simple particle tracking in the next script will not work
%if extra cells are detected.

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