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Edge Detection,Color Find,Maximum Color in Image User Interface

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User interface for edge detection,cropping,color determintation.,Maximum Occurence of Color in a Ima



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This file are usefull when u need to study the effect of Threshold on Edge Detection(Using all the Techniques).Just load the Image and decide the optimum value for threshold.Functions to find color of any point in the image is also given.The Selected color will then be removed from the input image.You can also Find the maximum occurence of a color in a image using PIE Chart.

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Nice work. I have learned lot from your work. Would like to contact you for my work. Shall I?

Thanks in Advance.


kushal mehta

hello sir ,
i want to detect red ,yellow ,green and blue colors in image and then after i want to find the position of that colors in terms of numeric.
so if you have such kind of matlab coding then please help me..

Imran Congratulations !!! I have a question: I need put a color card in front of my webcam and give the result color : red, blue, yellow, etc. Can someone of you help me with the matlab code ? thank you


good one........................its working correctly

Qiu dw

Qiu dw (view profile)

Good work, but the help file should include some details of the code.


Farie (view profile)

Good work, but I got error in my program. Is there any way I can contact you?

VERY GOOD is very useful for me bcoz it is very clear and simple way to learn the techniques in image processing .
Its very useful for beginners like me.
THANK U BROTHER..................
Continue ur creativity..........

good effort bro.

pratik bhise

thank u very much

varsha bhole

very useful

yousef mowaswasah

so thankssssssssssssssssssss
good workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Abhinav Peddi

It was very useful
Thanks buddy!

rusydi zainul

Lika Ko

very useful!! Thanks!!

chanamallu srinivasarao

good work


this is nice,but can you show me how can i do the edge detection using for loop.

nunchaya pholcharoen

That's very nice.

Ali Shamshali

bad work..pzl improve it...

rami abu hamideh

than k you mr imran akthar for this exciting toolbox
you dont know how much you helped me in my study to understand the transformation and cropping tools using matlab
thank you again
your student RAMi

Reuben ...

Nice work. I'm workin on Edge Detection as well...but with preprocessing as well...

manisha patil

edge detection methods

sudhir oza

keep on, having good knowledge on DSP

Karthik Ponnala

Great job !! :)

narendra shekokar


Arsalan naeem

Exellent, good work keep it up :)

surabhi kumari


ranga rajan


Thiyagu Takshinamurthy

need to have help file,good user interface..OK

Tanya Sinha


cute shahin

The save button aint good..need to make it correct pal.

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