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Matlab script for digitizing a published graph

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This function lets users digitize a published graph that is saved as a image e.g. jpeg.



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User needs to load the image into matlab workspace before running this program.
User needs to provide the name of the image, and the number of data points to be digitized. The user will be asked to indicate on the image the pixel position corresponds to the origin, a value on x axis and a value on y axis. These are used to scale the user selected data points.

usage exampe:digitizeGraph(testGraph,3);

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??? Error using ==> image
Error using ==> image
Numeric or logical matrix required for image CData

Error in ==> imagesc at 19
hh = image(varargin{1},'CDataMapping','scaled');

Error in ==> digitizeGraph at 13

An easier approach would be to use a free standalone program for the job. See im2graph is free and available for Windows and Linux.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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