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Vectorized Picard-Chebyshev Method

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Vectorized Picard-Chebyshev Method used for the analysis of the 2012 ASME Conference paper 87878



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There is question in the astrodynamics community whether the Picard-Chebyshev method is faster than most sequential integrators for high precision orbit propagation applications. This File Exchange check-in is a full working copy of the vectorized Picard-Chebyshev method which is described in my ASME IMECE2012-87878 conference paper as well as my CSULB masters thesis: Parallel high-precision orbit propagation using the modified Picard-Chebyshev method.

Function inputs and outputs are self explanatory (read the comments in the code). A working example of this method is applied to the classic two-body propagation problem and presented as a template for other ODE applications. (contained in PicardChebyshevDemo.m)

This work is based on the doctoral dissertation of Xiaoli Bai. "Modified Chebyshev-Picard Iteration Methods for Solution of Initial Value and. Boundary Value Problems."

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