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1903 Wright Flyer

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1903 Wright Flyer modeled with Simulink, Aerospace Blockset and Virtual Reality Tool.

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This is a three-degree-of-freedom (longitudinal) model of the 1903 Wright Flyer based on a BASIC simulation written by Frederick J Hooven. This model contains the airframe, environment and simple pilot models.
The VRML world converted to VRML97 was originally created by Thaddeus Bejer of Hammerhead Productions in Inventor format.

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Jason Su

I have seen that from NASA and other places.
Its quite funny but we can not read the truth story from Mr.Wright brothers in 1903.
And they design is different from what we got today! Thanks ! ^_^ I just try to get the cheap math work so that it could help me in math!



Karol Galik

I got an error 'aeroblk_wf.jpg' missing and did not see any simulation.


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